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A role-playing forum based off Hetalia, with state OCs instead of playing as the countries.
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 Introduction to us, bro.

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Introduction to us, bro. Empty
PostSubject: Introduction to us, bro.   Introduction to us, bro. Icon_minitimeSat Sep 18, 2010 8:45 pm

So, yer' here.
Now yer' confused 'bout whats goin' on.
Lemmeh' tell yah how it works.

'Dis 'ere forums fer' state ocs, created usin' dah mindset o' Hetalia.
Ya'll gotta apply. We ain't even lettin' ourselves in without applyin' firs'.

Whose we?
So far, 'dah only people takin' care o' 'dis 'ere site 's me, 'n...
'n 'dat damn PA, over 'dere.
'e 'n I 'un realleh like each othah, but I guess we're stuck wif' each other fer' now.

..Anyways, in dis' forum, we're semi-lit' 'tah literate 'n our serious role-plays.
'Dah only place where ya'll cin' b' outta character 'r lazy wif' yer posts, would b' 'n dah crack section, 'r in dah MSN group.
...everyone's cracky in 'dem msn groups...

...I 'dink 'dats all... if yer' still confused, ask PA...'m goin' fer' a sandwich...
[[not realleh. PA is useless. ask meh.]]
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Introduction to us, bro.
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