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A role-playing forum based off Hetalia, with state OCs instead of playing as the countries.
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 Mr. Pennsylvania at your-- LOOK A GIANT PURPLE RECTANGLE.

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Mr. Pennsylvania at your-- LOOK A GIANT PURPLE RECTANGLE.  Empty
PostSubject: Mr. Pennsylvania at your-- LOOK A GIANT PURPLE RECTANGLE.    Mr. Pennsylvania at your-- LOOK A GIANT PURPLE RECTANGLE.  Icon_minitimeFri Sep 24, 2010 7:14 pm

This is pretty basic ; What's your damned name, and what state are you?

OH HEY. c: I'm Benjamin, Benjamin Lancaster~! I'm the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, or Pennsylvania for short...Even though it's a long name either way.

How many years old do you look/act/are?

Well...I look about 18 years old. Some people say I act like i'm a six year old...Oh! And I was the 2nd State to accept the Constitution~!

...holy hell, I can't tell. Are you a boy, or a girl?

D: I'm pretty sure I'm a boy...

Now, referring to the above question...if you're a girl, will you kindly get in the kitchen? If you're a guy...will you kindly not be in my kitchen?

But...I want to be in the kitchen....I-It smells good in there.... ono

How do you feel about chocolate?

It's pretty good stuff. c:

...PA's chocolate?


What're some of your interests/likes/hobbies/whatever?

Well, My hobbies are doing steel work, hunting, and mining for coal~ But...I really don't mine anymore because I mined so much coal that I have it laying around my house. I like going to Knobels and swimming/fishing in my lakes such as the Susquehanna River and Lake Arthur~! C: I also like to hang out with New York, Rhodey, Delaware and a few of my other neighbors! Bonfires are also fun to play with. Baseball season is one of the best times of the year, too. ouo

What/WHO don't you like?

Well...I really don't like all the snow I get because...well...Then I have to go out and buy more bread and milk. I also don't like when people come from other countries and steal my jobs, because that's just mean. I really don't like Rhode Island sometimes because he always scolds me....but he is my buddy other times! Well at least I think so...
Uhm...I really don't think I hate anyone else! E-even though most people don't like me.

Are you patriotic, and why?

I'm patriotic! I was one of the thirteenth colonies! I-I fought in the Revolution for crying out loud! I love daddy! He gives me money and keeps me safe!

Whose bastard child are you?

I'm not a bastard child! I am Germany and England's son! There's also Netherlands and some other people...but...I don't know how that works...

Tell us something about your history, like...well actually, we don't care what the fuck it is. Just tell us.

When the French and Indian war was happening, Francis and Arthur split my house and Francis built a lot of forts around to keep those Englanders out. That's why I don't like either of them. They used my land. -hisses-
Well, during the revolution I helped Alfred with the battles and held the Continental Congress once in Philadelphia. It was really hot in the summertime, I warned everyone!
Ratifying the Constitution on December 13th, 1787, I was the second state to enter the Union! Delaware beat me though, oh well...
I have a few scars from the Civil War, being a target of a couple raids by those damn Confederates. Shhhididnotjustcuse.

Here, give us an rp example. Third person. At least a paragraph, bro.

Benjamin yawned, laying atop his shed sitting in the backyard. Dressed in a Penn State hoodie and slacks, he was warm while the cold fall breeze blew through. Blue-green eyes watched the retreating sun start to duck behind the horizon, the moon seeming to chase it away. The brunette shifted around, the tar paper still rubbing against his arms through the hoodie. He climbed to his feet eventually, jumping down off the shed and somehow landing on his feet. The Pennsylvanian stretched out, hearing his back crack from the stiffness of laying on the roof. Benjamin reached into the big front pocket in his jacket, pulling out an almond Hershey's milk chocolate bar. He tore off the paper and took a bite, never getting tired of that chocolate-y taste.
Before you knew it, a large white-and-brown patched Great Dane was dashing down the path to the shed. It jumped onto Benjamin, knocking him clear off his feet. "Logaannn! Stop it!" The brunette laughed, shoving at the large dog. The over-sized dog barked happily, tail wagging back and forth. Benjamin sighed, "What am I going to do with you?" He asked, Logan hopping off of him and spinning in circles. The Pennsylvanian stood up, brushing some dirt off himself and picking up a baseball from the grass. He always did like to practice his pitching with Logan during Baseball season. Benjamin chucked the white ball about fifteen feet away, watching his dog dash after it before picking up his soiled chocolate bar from the dirt. He sighed, It's not like he was running out of chocolate. He tossed the poor chocolate bar into the trash with a frown on his face.

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Mr. Pennsylvania at your-- LOOK A GIANT PURPLE RECTANGLE.  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mr. Pennsylvania at your-- LOOK A GIANT PURPLE RECTANGLE.    Mr. Pennsylvania at your-- LOOK A GIANT PURPLE RECTANGLE.  Icon_minitimeFri Sep 24, 2010 7:29 pm

...guess I cin't deny yah, faggit... hmph.
jes' go hang out in yer cornah uh crap.
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Mr. Pennsylvania at your-- LOOK A GIANT PURPLE RECTANGLE.
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