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A role-playing forum based off Hetalia, with state OCs instead of playing as the countries.
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 Here are some rules.

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Here are some rules. Empty
PostSubject: Here are some rules.   Here are some rules. Icon_minitimeSun Sep 19, 2010 1:22 pm

Sorreh bro. Evereh gud' site has 'dem rules.

1) I'unno 'bout you, but I like sayin' stuff like damn 'n fuck. Ya'll 're 'llowed 'tah use 'dose words. Until we git caught by dah internet police, 'least.

2) I 'un like mareh sues. I'un like 'dem at all. If I think yer' a mareh sue, or out of charactah, or overly cracky in a non-crack section, yer' outta' here. [[this excludes PA. I can't do shit 'bout 'im.]]

3) If yer' rps gonna 'ave ' stuffs 'n'it, ya'll should put up'pa warnin'. Either in 'dah title, 'r 'n 'dah post where it starts, we'un realleh care. Long 's 'deres a warnin'.

4) Ya'll 'cin apply more 'den once, if we reject yah'. 'Long as ya'll make some changes, 'm glad 'tah look it over 'gain.

5) If yah' ask, 'n if ya'll make a realleh convincin' application, you can hold two states at once. If one o' yer' states bacomes irrelevant, 'r ya'll 'un like 'em anymoar, 'r whatevah, jes' tell us so we cin delete dah 'ccount.

6) If we feel like weh got 'nuff states, we might open up 'dah countries. 'Dat'll take forevah, but jes' warnin yah. Fer now, we gotta' 'merica, 'n 'dats all weh need.

7) Dun' start no fights, 'n dun be racist/sexist when yer' just talkin' as yerself. In character, be as racist 'r sexist as ya'll want.

The end. Go 'way now.
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Here are some rules.
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