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A role-playing forum based off Hetalia, with state OCs instead of playing as the countries.
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 Introducing MINNESOTA.

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Introducing MINNESOTA. Empty
PostSubject: Introducing MINNESOTA.   Introducing MINNESOTA. Icon_minitimeSun Nov 14, 2010 9:30 pm

This is pretty basic ; What's your damned name, and what state are you?
(i changed Minnesota's name since then) The name's Miah, and i am Minnesota, okay? WE ARE NOTHING AT ALL, LIKE CANADA.

How many years old do you look/act/are?
i am 12. good day.

...holy hell, I can't tell. Are you a boy, or a girl?
i am a girl. thank you, and good bye.

Now, referring to the above question...if you're a girl, will you kindly get in the kitchen? If you're a guy...will you kindly not be in my kitchen?
okay, i am told this countless times, i won't go in the FREAKING KITCHEN, AND NO, I WILL NOT MAKE YOU A SANDWICH.

How do you feel about chocolate?
what kind of chocolate?

...PA's chocolate?

What're some of your interests/likes/hobbies/whatever?
well, i like to hunt, fish, play hockey, sled, make snowmen, ect. y'know, that stuff cat

What/WHO don't you like?
i don't like ANY southern states.

Are you patriotic, and why?
America is fine with me! he raised me, so i should respect him!
Whose bastard child are you?
i honestly, don't know this question, haha, sorry

Tell us something about your history, like...well actually, we don't care what the fuck it is. Just tell us.
well, where do i start? i was originally northern territory that was arranged by Dakotas and Ojibwe, then i was just completly taken over by those swedish vikings, and finns, haha. and no, i don't have any kind of history with canada, except that french canadians were in here for a tiny bit of time.

Here, give us an rp example. Third person. At least a paragraph, bro.
i really do not feel like rping right now, i will edit this later.
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Introducing MINNESOTA. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Introducing MINNESOTA.   Introducing MINNESOTA. Icon_minitimeSun Nov 14, 2010 9:57 pm

[[ I'm not okay with this. If you really want to get accepted, you had better edit everything else along with your rp example.
I don't even think I should go out of my way and point out which questions to fix.
I will, however, point out the fact you need to capitalise your ' I 's.
I'm sorry I sound so cold. I honor the fact you're trying again, and you're actually using the questions this time...
Good luck~ ]]
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Introducing MINNESOTA.
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