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 Branch-Off, Ol' West (Arkansas and Mississippi)

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Branch-Off, Ol' West (Arkansas and Mississippi) Empty
PostSubject: Branch-Off, Ol' West (Arkansas and Mississippi)   Branch-Off, Ol' West (Arkansas and Mississippi) Icon_minitimeMon Nov 15, 2010 8:54 pm

(((Note: Hey you guys! Arkansas here ouob! Me and Missi' actually liked the Wild West idea and started rping out the idea together on our own. It started out just derping for the lulz but then randomly developed into actual posting and such, and we figured, "Why not share it with the other guys?" so we talked about putting it up on this site, as a branch-off from the actual rp, not really interfering with the actual one; just a fun derpy side roleplay. is where the character descriptions for Arkansas (Brett Russells) and Mississippi (William Jackson Jones) is based, as well with the original concept and backgrounds (Which includes their jobs, history for the character, etc in the town.) Caution, though: This rp between me and Missi has comedy, some cussing or language that may be taken inappropriately, and definitely references to yaoi, if not, actually include yaoi. You know you guys like good ol' Southern boy love :'D...But I felt like I needed to point that out. Also, I must add...If any of you aren't comfortable with this rp or we have violated any rules (Or you just didn't want us to post this up ;^; ) Then please tell me or message us and tell us to take it down. I wouldn't want to violate any rules or anything, we're just having fun. Besides all of that...I hope you guys enjoy our derpness! <3)))

(((And now here is what we have so far on the derp side-play and continue from there :>)))

Brett.Arkansas will plow ya land for ya, neighbor ;D /STAMPEDE

Mississippi Issat so~? you can come around midnight, but if that's too dark you can just come inside~ /Hit with a rake

Brett.Arkansas midnight is a bit late fer me~...But sure~ Does yer house need any fixin's? I'd be glad ta put my hands ta good use on yer frames~/dragged by a horse.

Brett.Arkansas is busy trying to plow ya and fix yer house, see up above :U

Brett.Arkansas if ya want I can take ya back ta my farm an' show ya my cock...s...An' 'hores-...I mean, horses, an' cattle an'~.../theygaveup.

Mississippi Alright~ must be a nice farm, a strong man like you, seems like you're always workin'~

Brett.Arkansas I sure am~ I always 'ave my hands on sumthin'~ Ya should visit sometime~

Mississippi Maybe after that you can slip into one of my jackets -is a leather worker-, I gotta repay you somehow~

Brett.Arkansas oh? I'd love ta wear one of yer jackets~

Brett.Arkansas an' I noticed yer bed there has a bit of a squeak in 'er. Ya want me to check that out?~

Mississippi Yeah, but you already have a lot of work to do before that...if it makes it easier, there's a chip in the floor that looks pretty easy to fix <3

Brett.Arkansas oh~ I jus' noticed that~ That shuudin't be a prob'~ Do ya mind if I borrow some of yer tools?~

Mississippi Not at all~ they're in my bedroom, I'd be happy to go in there with ya' an' show you around.

Brett.Arkansas a'ight~ I'm right behind ya~

Mississippi walks into the room, crawling onto the bed on his knees and bending over, getting to the toolbox on the other side which was on the floor. "A''s a bit heavy, could you help me out here~?"

Brett.Arkansas followed the other man into the room, getting quite a view as Jacky crawled onto the bed in front of him~...Brett nodded, moving to the bed and crawling onto it. There wasn't much space to lean in and grab the box, so he had to reach over the other man and press against him some as he grabbed the handle of the toolbox, pulling up. He was quite strong, being able to pull it up, with the help of Jacky, of course~

Mississippi thinks it's a bit crowded in here and Brett should take off his jacket -andmaybehispants--/THE SAINTS LOSE

Brett.Arkansas pulled up with the toolbox, setting it to the side of the bed, watching it dip in slightly. He pulled away from Jacky, unfortunately, and heard the bed creak as he moved on it. "I'll definitely 'ave to work out that squeak there aft'a I fix the floor~" He put, as he opened up the toolbox to peek inside at Jacky's wares~

Mississippi felt the pressure of the other man off of him. There was that creak again..."So you'll come again tomorrow~? same time would work, but if ya'll wanna come over in the daytime I'll close the shop so no one disturbs us~" he said, still breathing a bit heavily from having his knees pushed so hard against his chest for some amount of time. "If there's anything I can do for ya, lemme know~"

Brett.Arkansas smiled over to Jacky, nodding. "Ah, that could work, but I think I'll be able ta get some of it done tonight~ I can probably come back tummara if ya got some other thing-...Ah, ya ok?" He put, noticing the other man's heavy breathing and shifting on the bed again, hearing it squeak, over to Missi to put a hand on his back, stroking the back some.

Mississippi had just gotten his breath back. He felt a stroke and smiled kindly, turning around on the creaky bed and putting his hand on Brett's arm, pushing one of his {Brett's} sleeves up a bit, noticing a red mark with dirt smudges around it, probably from raking. "Yeah, I'm fi--...what's that?" he pushed the sleeve up more to notice it went farther, probably to his chest. "You really shouldn' leave cuts like this alone~ Can I help you with it?"

Brett.Arkansas smiled to Jacky before suddenly blinking at the question and looking down at his arm when the other man pushed his sleeve up, revealing a cut he had gotten. Farming was rough work and he was doing a bit of work outside till lost his footing and got scraped with a bit of barbed wire...He didn't think much of it and moved on, a bit hard-headed like that. He smiled nervously. "Ah-I probably got that from tha barb wire while workin'..." He then smiled to Missi happily. "Ah, yeah, sure, I'd appreciate that~"

Mississippi would smile brightly, crawling off the squeaky bed to get his bandages, misplacing a hand and falling off on his jaw...he was actually pretty clumsy sometimes. He laughed awkwardly in a way. Jackson pulled himself up, standing and walking to the closet in the hall where he kept most things, reaching to the top shelf, dragging down a kit that looked like it was used often. "You can sit in the main shop room...and take off yer shirt, that thang leads down farther."

Brett.Arkansas smiled back to the other man before flinching and freaking out a little at seeing his friend fall off of the bed and right onto his jaw, moving off of the creaky bed to help him up only to not be quick enough, Jacky helping himself up quickly. He worried about his friend a little but, he did laugh it off a little so he seemed ok..."A'ight! Don't get hurt too, yanno!" He smiled nervously and turned to walk down the hall and to the main shop room, unbuttoning and stripping off his white long-sleeved shirt on his way to the front. He sat down in a chair, leaning back and looking to the cut that adorned his arm with a small sigh. He didn't get hurt all the time but when he did he normally shrugged it off, thick skinned and durable. But he was glad his friend was helping him out.

Mississippi ran cold water on a cloth and came back to his neighbor, softly smudging it to get rid of the dirt and ease whatever pain a bit. He started unraveling bandages, wrapping one part over the other man's arm, hoping it doesn't sting. He had to wrap his arms around the man's chest to get the bandages all the way around his chest, it was kind of weird for him, but helping a friend...he would never mind that~ he finished and smiled at Brett, handing his shirt over.

Brett.Arkansas waited for the other man to come to him before smiling at him and then wincing a bit at the entire process. It hurt a little but he knew it was better than just leaving the cut alone. His face felt a little warmer as his friend moved closer, wrapping his arms around him and bandaging him up, before finally finishing and pulling away. He took the shirt back, holding it in his hand as he smiled and stood. "Thank ya~ I really needed that." He smiled before moving to put his roughed up shirt back on and button it up some. He then chuckled a little, finishing up buttoning his shirt. "Well, I sup'ose I can finally 'elp ya with yer floor now~" So many distractions~

Mississippi smiled sweetly again, "I always wondered who lived on that farm back there...I never knew 'e'd be so nice~" he shook the other man's hand, a bit red, letting him get back to work. "If you need anythang, just call me~" and walked into his bedroom, looking back once with a smile...

Brett.Arkansas smiled to Jacky back just as sweetly, liking the other man's smile and thanked him for the compliment before the smaller man began to walk away. "A'ight!" He then looked to the chip in the floor and realized that they didn't take the toolbox back into the main room. So he turned and followed leather-worker back to his bedroom so he could grab the toolbox and start working.

Mississippi had gotten water, glue and all kinds of other stains on his shirt...probably from working since he was so klutzy. He sighed and got another shirt from his closet, walking back and sitting on his bed. He took off the vest and started to unbutton his shirt when he heard footsteps...

Brett.Arkansas walked down the hall and back to the leather-maker's bedroom, knocking on the door but also peeking in, seeing as how it wasn't closed all the wa-...He blinked to the other man taking off his shirt and felt his face heat up some again. "I-I...Er....I forgot tha toolbox back in 'ere..."

Mississippi watched the door open seconds after he heard the footsteps. His shirt was off of his shoulders, trying to button it back up quickly hearing the knock. His shirt was still loose and wrinkled, but it was on properly again. He laughed somewhat embarrassed and walked over, picking the toolbox up and handing it to the other man. "Uh, here ya go....'m sorry if..." he kinda just stopped talking and rubbed his neck awkwardly.

Brett.Arkansas looked away a bit, feeling embarrassed about walking in on his friend a little, but looked up when he walked to him and handed over the toolbox. "A-Ah...Thank ya. An' nah, I'm sorry for walkin' in on ya..." He smiled nervously. "I'll jus' go work on the floor now..." He turned around, walking down the hall with the toolbox to go fix that chip, fighting the small blush on his face and blocking out all uncomfortable thoughts.

Mississippi watched the man leave, peaking out of the door...he felt stupid for the entire situation, but somewhat man shouldn't feel awkward around another man's chest...maybe he did something wrong? He sat on the bed again, sighing and changing shirts.

Brett.Arkansas walked back to the chip in the floor, setting the toolbox down to the side and then moving to use various tools to fill in the little chip and fix it, trying to make the floor smooth and nice again. He was quite the handyman and definitely knew how to use his hands~ /SHOT.

(((And now we continue it from here eue <3)))
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Posts : 16
Join date : 2010-11-10
Age : 27
Location : Atkins, Arkansas

Branch-Off, Ol' West (Arkansas and Mississippi) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Branch-Off, Ol' West (Arkansas and Mississippi)   Branch-Off, Ol' West (Arkansas and Mississippi) Icon_minitimeMon Feb 28, 2011 5:09 pm

((--Uhh...Sorry you guys. We intended on continuing this but my Missi lost interest pretty fast...And then we got into a big fight so I don't think we're going to post more on this, I'm sorry. I actually looked in my stored rps and noticed we only had two posts after what we had here so...I guess I'll post those up for you guys.))

Mississippi hesitantly walked back into the main shop room, eyes on the other man. His neighbour certainly did look like he knew how to use his hands. Missi kept a curious stare on Brett, trying to hold back a half-way type grin. "E-excuse me..." he muttered at the other man about as loudly as he could, which was still under his breath.

worked on the floor before hearing a voice barely perk up, looking up and around to focus onto Jacky. "Oh. Yea', ya need anythin'?" He smiled warmly, stopping his work for the moment. It was almost done anyways, it was just a chip.

((And yeah, that's all I had. Again, I apologize...I don't think we're going to make up. Not that it should interfere on here, I don't intend on bringing the fighting here, if she even cares to still log back onto this site anyways anymore, that is. Idk if I should just remove this whole section altogether or just leave it, I feel kinda bad for posting something up and not finishing it or continuing on. ene;.))
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Branch-Off, Ol' West (Arkansas and Mississippi)
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