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A role-playing forum based off Hetalia, with state OCs instead of playing as the countries.
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 Rules and regulations.

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Rules and regulations. Empty
PostSubject: Rules and regulations.   Rules and regulations. Icon_minitimeTue Nov 16, 2010 6:01 pm

Okay, since you guys can't seem to behave on your own. I thought I would lay down a few rules.

"I haven't done anything, yet!" you say? well you're going to. I just know it. |:C


-The art section is not seperated into Canon and OC characters. Since this is an oc forum, there seems to be no need for it.

-do not spam the forum with seperate posts for every picture you do. there will soon be specific rules for this, but for now, just don't put a new topic for EVERY single picture.

- You are allowed to use the [img][/img] code for pictures that are safe for work, but anything that reaches that innappropriate level, please use the [url][/url] codes.

- Please put a tag next to the a URL that is innappropriate. Some people may be okay with sexual themes, but not violent ones. sometimes (Mature content) is not specific enough.

-Don't be a faggot: if you draw something, and someone points out something about the artwork that's appropriate critique, then don't get all butthurt and whiine and start an arguement. there will be consequences for this faggoty behavior

-Don't be a betch: if someone draws something that you have a negative opinion of that's merely based on personal taste ( EEEEEEWWWWW BLOOOOOOD. EWWWWWWWWWW USUKKKKKKK, and other such things), do not throw a shit fit or comment passionately about these aspects. that shit starts flamewars. This behavior will have consequences too. seriously, how could you think there wasn't? the hell is wrong witchu?

- this board does not have to be JUST a picture post forum. it could be drawing prompts, art challenges, miscillaneous things like that. However, Do not post work that isn't your own. at all okay?

-Since I'm the one who made this mess, if you are not clear on something, do not be hesitant to ask me about it. It's better to ask then have you guys posting pictures, dreaking bleach, and generally causing havoc around the neighborhood. NO SUCH THING AS A STUPID QUESTION, OKAY?

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Rules and regulations.
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