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 The Ol' Western Jail

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The Ol' Western Jail Empty
PostSubject: The Ol' Western Jail   The Ol' Western Jail Icon_minitimeFri Nov 26, 2010 4:25 pm

The Ol' Western Jail is very simple.

On the outside of the Jail, sometimes you couldn't tell at first glance that it is one. It's a building made out of logs like most other buildings. On the top of the building there's a sign that reads, 'Sheriff.' Hitching posts for horses are positioned near the entrance.
Inside the building you first see a desk where the Sheriff sits and does his daily business. Posters advertising criminals and the reward for their arrest are occasionally hung on the walls. Just beyond that are the cells that the prisoners stay in. Keys for the jail cells could be contained within the desk, but normally the Sheriff likes to carry them around to keep them secure.The cells are small, only thing inside of them being beds to sleep on. The bars on the cells were solid and difficult for anyone to break on their own, not that it was impossible. The locks on the cells are heavy and big but in modern times would be fairly easy to crack. You best all behave unless you want to be trapped in one of these chambers.
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The Ol' Western Jail
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