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 Midwest Callin' In! (Midwestern States)

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PostSubject: Midwest Callin' In! (Midwestern States)   Wed Feb 23, 2011 1:26 am


I was TOLD ta break down sum of da rules fer ya guys B)

A-AHEM. *Speaks in a more civilized and intelligent voice*

To start off, this is a group for the Midwestern states of the United States of America, in drawings. If you're curious as to which states belong in this category, it will be the states as follows: North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan (COUGHMICHIGAYCOUGH), and lasty, myself, the amazing and one and only Ohio. If you would like the information on where I got these sources for the Midwestern states and about them, please visit Wikipedia's article on the Midwestern United States and region.

If you are to draw any of these states, they more than definitely belong in this category. Even if there's a picture of say...IowaxWyoming or something (Idk), then you can post here too, as long as it includes one of the states previously mentioned. If this section doesn't include one of the states in the picture you're wanting to post, it certainly doesn't go here. Don't see a post yet for your state or region? Make your own. Simply use one of the posts for another region as a structure or outline, title it appropriately, research your region so it makes it easier to divide rather than having a bunch of groups for just one character or something, and post it.

Be sure to follow the guidelines overall for any of these sections, as posted by Michigan, which you can see here. If you have any questions as to if your content or picture is appropriate, etc, or anything, please refer to those rules. Be sure to also give users a warning beside the link to your picture, so if it /isn't/ age appropriate, gorey, etc, then they can know ahead of time before they click. This is common courtesy, is all. If you're not clear on anything, do not hesitate to ask, I'll be happy to answer anything for you to clear it up.

H-HACKCOUGH. OKAY. ENOUGH OF DAT VOICE, EH? Hurts mah throat ta talk liek dat BC

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Posts : 10
Join date : 2010-12-06
Age : 27
Location : Cleveland, OH

PostSubject: Re: Midwest Callin' In! (Midwestern States)   Wed Feb 23, 2011 2:16 am

Haaa~ Again, I'll be the first to post pictures.~ I've got quite a bit of Ohio, I love drawing him. And just to let you guys know if you want to, I used tinypic to upload them. eue

Ohio Dump 1 (Worksafe, just a small bit of cussing)
Ok, well, this picture has my first sketch of Ohio, down in the bottom left hand corner. Yeah, as you can see, he's developed a lot since then. Above that first sketch of him is my favorite profile of him...And to the right of that is a picture of him without his big fluffy white coat on. Just to illustrate what's underneath it. His coat is much larger than he is, kind of like how Korea's clothing is bigger than him, baggy. Same with Ohio for his jacket. Other than that, not much to see here...The black and white squiggle of him to the top right is my favorite for unknown reasons. And below that is what he'd be like if he were gender-bent, since I drew Arky gender-bent too I decided to do the same for him. eue

Ohio Dump 2 (If you consider cheerleaders, Lady Gaga, and some cussing worksafe, then there you go!)
This dump is bigger. Lulz bigger. Anywayssss. Bottom left. Yes. He is dressed like Lady Gaga, do not question :'D. Two little derp scribbles to the right of that...Nothing special...Nothing special...Oh, bottom left hand corner he's in a cheerleader outfit. You should expect that by now I'll draw him in just about anything that's lulzy, lol, as you will see in the following pictures. Top left corner he looks a bit srs bsns. Cute chibi to the right of that. I didn't really like the sketch beside that chibi to the right but I decided to include it anyways. Some cussing. Sorry about that, that's how he is. Above that? Shin-Chan style Ohio. I told you, I've drawn him in just about /everything/. I've even drawn him in powderpuff form but I cannot include it since that picture includes two other states that do not go to these forums or belong so yes...That's kept out. I only wanted to include states in this forum. Another nothing much picture...And I really love the picture of Ohio in the top left corner, idk, I just do.

Ohio FI Log (Worksafe)
FI really just means 'First Impression', though, he's already a developed character so it's silly to say that. I have this notebook that I'm using to draw all 50 states, including D.C. It was a big project I assigned myself to draw 'First Impressions' of all the states, how I think they're like from just what I've learned about them in my life up until this point. This includes stereotypes, etc, which is pretty much what Hetalia is based on so yeah. It was going to be a 'before and after' project where I draw their first impression and then go back, learn all about them through several books and online research, and then develop them fully. This was really something I was doing on my own time, not really wanting to bring into here. And I'm not going to be bringing more states into this forum, I feel as if it's inappropriate to take so many spots. I have characters like Connecticut, Montana, Arizona, Utah, Massy, etc...That I'd like to bring in, but I don't want to because of this. So I'm keeping them out, I feel as if two is enough. As I said before, this was something I was doing on my own time, I just thought I'd show Ohio's log in the book. You can't really read all the details I put down, I just wanted to show the picture.

B&H - Ohio (Contains Cussing, otherwise, worksafe)
Ohio is totally a pimp yo eUe

Sailor OHIO (Worksafe)
Didn't I tell you guys that I have tried drawing him in /anything/ already? I think you get it now. Btw, you lost the game. eUe THEY SEE ME TROLLIN', DEY HATIN'~

True Colors - Ohio (A little cussing, otherwise, worksafe)
I found this meme on DA and wanted to do it. Yes, kyo-did-it-again is my DA, if you want to visit it or something. Anyways. Here are some of Ohio's moods lol. Ohio often wears a 'mask' around people, pretending to be someone he really isn't, and fools everyone so he can strike you when you least expect it. He's not a very nice individual, quite selfish, greedy, and even a bit bloodthirsty. That's his true side. Oh, and when he becomes serious like that he also likes to speak in German. Just ta let ya know. And whenever he gets drowsy or exhausted his 'fake' personality kind of gets rubbed away to reveal his more brilliant side. Even though he is selfish, greedy, and etc, he's quite smart. There is a common saying that there is a thin line between brilliance and insanity and Ohio is a fine example of it, though, not many states would figure it out until battle or it's too late and he's on you. He likes playing with people and their emotions quite a bit.

I LIEK FIEURR - Ohio (Worksafe)
I already mentioned Ohio's dark side, yes. Well it comes into a bit of play here, as well. His favorite tool and weapon is fire. If you just look at any history of Ohio in the Civil War, you'll know all full too /well/ about all of this. But this boy loves to play with fire and knows indeed how to use it, even if he may come across as dumb or clumsy because of his 'facade' to other people. Don't be fooled, the South learned all too WELL of Ohio's love for fire, in horrible ways. But this is one of my favorite pictures of him, even though I did it really fast lol.

Union!Ohio (Civil War) : Just Lineart (Worksafe)
Refer to my above mentioning of how he was in the Civil War. Ohio was a badass of the Civil War, responsible for the burning of Georgia and many other places in the South. Like Vicksburg, which he came in and burnt for /no/ reason whatsoever and after the entire problem was solved in that city. He just did it for 'teh lulz'. He really is a cruel person and during the Civil War times is when he shined a lot. Cruel, but he brought strong generals (Top 3) for the Union, was a main transport vessel for the United States, etc. He was the 'push' behind all that Union power. Without him, odds might have changed, he was definitely a power leader and holder in this position. His hair and style was a bit different, since it was more back in the day. On his rifle is bags filled with powder and in his hand he holds a flint stone to create spark and fire. As I said, he loves fire and playing with it, a very dangerous person indeed, someone you wouldn't want to mess with and is volatile. But that doesn't mean he can't be taken down, I do not godmode this shit, I just go on what I learn and develop. It's only in lineart right now until I get finished with other drawings and color it.

Aaaaaand that's all I have to post really, for now. I would have more but as I stated earlier in one of the previous images...I have a lot of pictures with my state and someone else's state which does not belong to this forum or etc, like Minnesota or something, who failed at her application (CAUSE SHE DIDN'T TRY HARD ENOUGH hrnggg I wish she cared more), otherwise, I'd have a lot more pictures to show you guys. I just didn't want to show you guys something irrelevant to this forum, so, yes. Anyways, I hope you guys like, I really enjoy drawing Leo quite a bit.
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Midwest Callin' In! (Midwestern States)
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