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A role-playing forum based off Hetalia, with state OCs instead of playing as the countries.
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  1. Brett.Arkansas
    Sat Dec 11, 2010 2:03 am
    Message by Brett.Arkansas
    -Smiles to Missi happily,going to his truck to pull out the big meal he had made for Missi over at his own home and bring it inside into his own.- ;u; Thanks~ I brought it all over so ya don't have ta go anyw'ere. An' after the meal, I can give ya yer present ;u; <3
  2. Mississippi
    Fri Dec 10, 2010 6:47 pm
    Message by Mississippi
    Aw, thanks Brett...-- ! I'm really sorry about it being on...that day...and everything, I hope it don' bother you too much. I'll accept this as my birthday...didn' really want t' bring anything up 'bout it as any other day, so...;u; That's really nice, you're such a sweet brother, y' know~?
  3. Brett.Arkansas
    Fri Dec 10, 2010 4:08 pm
    Message by Brett.Arkansas - 'Appy Birthday, Missi~
    I-I know ya don't really like yer birthday...'Cause of then...B-But we can jus' look past that a bit an' jus' celebrate for ya, nothin' else. I made ya a big dinner wit' all of yer favorites an' I got ya somethin' too that I think yer'll really like! eue~

    ((For states who don't know, some Southern states obviously still hold a grudge against the Civil War and their birthday is seen as having joined with the Union. Not liked, obviously. From what I gather from Mississippi, he happens to be one of those types, as well as Arkansas. Arkansas likes being in the family but at the same time he can't give up that grudge for the North. 50/50, really. Anyways idk I thought I'd start up something on here for you, seeing as how it's the date of Mississippi's birthday <D.))
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