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A role-playing forum based off Hetalia, with state OCs instead of playing as the countries.
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 Post 'ere, yah rascals.

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Post 'ere, yah rascals. Empty
PostSubject: Post 'ere, yah rascals.   Post 'ere, yah rascals. Icon_minitimeSun Oct 03, 2010 7:23 pm

[[Being that this /is/ an AU thread, I'd prefer if you posted a little bit about your character here! I don't want to post a form to fill out or anything, since we should already know your oc's name, age, looks... but I'd like to also know what they do for a living, maybe where they live, ect. It doesn't have to be lengthy [like mine will be, no doubt!] but it should be in third person without an accent. Just because.

ALSO! :D Just so ya'll know, this rp is going to take place in a fuckin' /booming/ old west town, as well as the farm or farms around it, in, of course, me -popscollarkthx-. This means theres a lot of immigrants, and any accents probably won't seem too strange. There's a church that everyone goes to every Sunday mornin', but is otherwise empty, stores and homes, a single bar, and a lot of fucking horses.
...i love those fucking horses. ]]

'Sam L. Jackson is the town's sheriff ; if you want to stay here for a while without trouble, you get on his good side. He lives right in his office in the center of town, sleeping on his blue plaid covered couch, which was inherited from the sheriff before him...or in other words, his father. When paroling around town, he rides the horse he confiscated from a criminal obsessed with chocolate.[oh god pennslyvania] The criminal called the horse Sparklebottom, while Sam prefers to call it Charlie.
He's quite possibly the only reason why everyone goes to church, since hes pretty religious. A bible has its own special home in his saddlebag.
The easiest way to recognise him from afar would be the two pistols hanging from his belt and the hat donning his head. Closer, you'd see his glinting badge, attached permanently to his work shirt.
He was born in the beautiful west, and doesn't plan on ever leaving. His parents loved him, died of natural causes, and left him with this wonderous little town to deal with.
...yep, thats about all. '
Sam can have two or more assistants/officers/bitches, but don't feel like you have to have a position in town. Being a hobo is cool too.
[[ On that note, I figure some people might want a job type thing, but are unable to think of one.
So here's a list;
Sheriff bitch [ofcourse]
Leather worker[shoesmostly]
Town doctor of some sort or another.[doublesasdentistandvet]
Saloon keeper/Bar keeper
Whiskey maker [Works /under/ the barkeeper. I'm just guessing the bar keeper isn't good at making alcohol themselves.]
Preacher/Priest >u>
Musician [surprising, i know.]
Hotel owner :U

stay at home /wife/, who may or may not help with her husbands work a bit. [[you can get married to another state for just this rp. for /just/ this purpose. ]]
Tailor/perhaps a chef of some sort? [[like a baker iunno. i'm bending the laws of history by even suggesting these things.]]

...have fun, female ocs. eue ]]

[[ EDIT:: OH LOL HOW COULD I FORGET THE BACKSTORY?! -hits head a million times oh my god i'm so stupid- it'd be cool if you put the past of your old west character ; Stuff that would explain how/why they got to where they are now. >u>;;;; I'll edit Tex's thing up there and put in his backstory later. If you already worked on your character piece before I edited this and don't feel like editing to add backstory, don't worry and don't bother. eue;;;; ]]

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Post 'ere, yah rascals. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Post 'ere, yah rascals.   Post 'ere, yah rascals. Icon_minitimeSun Oct 03, 2010 10:50 pm

Benjamin Lancaster is one of the most failed unaccomplished outlaws out there. He can never do anything right, whether it be trying to steal money or even something to eat. When the poor lad isn't in jail because of his antics, he is most likely to be found in the stables, considering that's where he lives. He and Sam do not get along well, for Benjamin being a criminal and considering Sam is very religious and Benjamin could really care less about religion.
When Benjamin is out of jail and outside of the stables, he wears a dark gold shirt, ripped and dirty jeans, worn boots, and a red bandanna that is stained with chocolate and mud; which was hard to tell the difference between.
If you take a quick glance at him, he looks almost like a happy-go-lucky child, the way he's always smiling and the way he always smelled of chocolate
Benjamin is always losing his way considering he has terrible eye sight and he can't really afford glasses. He usually hurts himself in more ways than one and is visited often by the town doctor.
He gave Texas a horse, but is always disappointed that the other did not use the name it originally had. He has a horse now, a pitch black one with a brown mane. He named it Anthracite, but calls it Ann for short.
[Edit. /insert Back Story ]
Benjamin once lived in the Northeast, his family was pretty damn rich too. He was very serious as a child and did his work as he was told. After the traumatic event of watching his house go up in flames after there was an accident on the stove when he was 9. He was the only one of his family to get out of the house before it collapsed. After that, his attitude changed to a cheerful and childish one. He moved out to the west in search of a horse ranch, but then realized he had one horse and no money.
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Post 'ere, yah rascals. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Post 'ere, yah rascals.   Post 'ere, yah rascals. Icon_minitimeSun Nov 07, 2010 1:58 pm

William Jackson Jones,
One of the klutziest, robbed leather workers in Texas. He moved from Mississippi, so came from a rather poor state. His travel was across from Louisiana, riding with several hobos on an old shipping train running through to Texan territory. Saving his money, bought a peice of land. After working for months on the shop, right down to the last nail on the sign, quite a few criminals broke in or attempted robbery. One of the criminals was a complete idiot, making it easy to shoot the toes off of his boots the second he tried to bail down Anny Street {made up street or not one I know of, anyway}. From his point of view, things where wonderful and worse at the same time. He usually messed up the sewing pattern or got a needle stuck in the roof of his mouth, it was something or another...the land was a good deal, though. Nothing at all for a crappy lot. Luckly, it was a very visited town. His intrest was really religion the most, and went to church often. Very often. He always carried a gun, but that didn't stop him from getting mugged. His trademark wasn't anything new, either. Just a metal magnolia with the years of when he started his career and this year on it. Not at all shy, but somewhat friendly and a loudmouth. Due to his foolishness, would raise hell...but too polite to do that to a regular person, usually it had to be someone of higher the sherif, or the governmental workers. As for appearance, he was a strapping -coughgirlycough- young man who wore a brown, tight vest, with black buttons and a dirty white bellsleeved shirt underneath. Leather boots with black lace, brown pants, and a long brown overcoat.

Since you know where he comes from, his original state is one he holds very close to him...His parents where fairly poor, and in the newspaper buesness. There's not much known about his past, except the fact his parents died when he was 13 and he kinda just carried on.

{If anything is wrong with it, let me know. I'm still new to this.}
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Post 'ere, yah rascals. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Post 'ere, yah rascals.   Post 'ere, yah rascals. Icon_minitimeMon Nov 15, 2010 3:05 am

Brett Russells;

Brett is a quiet man who traveled to this boomin' ol' town not too long ago, having moved with the promise of land. He isn't really all that noticeable, blending into the background, very nice and polite, but shy. He's very cautious and paranoid around new-comers and mainly only likes to stick with family with no foreign ideas or people. He's very humble, having two parents he loved back at home, having left his family in Arkansas to travel to the West and snatch his share of land while it was up for grabs. Things weren't too great back where he lived, having a bit of difficulty with a job, and found that he could settle nicely here instead, on the outskirts of town in a little cozy home he built. He was a farmer and mostly kept to his own business and duties. He came to the town to sell some of his produce and get any supplies or items he needed, but did not talk much at all. However, he usually did extremely well on his own when he could find a job and hold onto it, making quite a bit of money and being good at what he did. He was a nice, good ol' Southern boy, nicely built, and wore simple clothes. A white, button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up, usually worn and roughed up blue jeans (He was a hard worker and wasn't afraid of getting a little dirty), a leather belt, brown leather boots, and of course a pistol, pushed into the back of his pants as a holster. ((Idk how to describe that lololol)) He was extremely wary of people he didn't know, liking the gun on him as protection and just a nice piece of mind. And he didn't aimed to have that peace bothered, either.

( ;u;b I hope that's ok.) ((Oh, and edit. He also not only farms but has quite a bit of livestock. Cattle, horses, chicken, etc. And he grows trees as well. He has a very good green thumb <3))
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Post 'ere, yah rascals. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Post 'ere, yah rascals.   Post 'ere, yah rascals. Icon_minitime

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Post 'ere, yah rascals.
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