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A role-playing forum based off Hetalia, with state OCs instead of playing as the countries.
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All about Brett.Arkansas

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Atkins, Arkansas
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///Likes:/// Home-cooking, being outside, fishing, hunting, harvesting, farming (Rice, mostly), mining diamonds (Only State in the US that can!), pecans (Magically appear from his pockets), adoring his brothers and sisters (Bordering states only), helping others (As long as they're bordering siblings), looks up to Texas like a big bro~, running around barefoot, animals, skinny dipping and swimming, etc. ///Dislikes:/// Has Xenophobia (Doesn't like/is scared of states that don't border him and outwards, definitely including forigeners.) He doesn't understand technology. He is unfortunately a little illiterate. HATES HIS NAME BEING SAID WRONG. (Either say Arkansas, Arkie [Never Ahkee, that is a Chinese insult], Bubba [To close siblings only], or just 'Brett'. ESPECIALLY HATES OKLAHOMA WITH A FIREY PASSION. Very religious. Tends to worry and cry quite a bit. Hates forigen ideas/food/etc. Doesn't like being uncomfortable. Shoes. He also feels the need to help/rescue anyone in need, even if he hates them. He often puts others before himself and gets hurt because of it. HE ALSO HATES DAYUM YANKEES. ///Other:/// Arkansas relationships with other states: And all foriegn countires are under 'dislike/hate'.
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Your mom
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