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A role-playing forum based off Hetalia, with state OCs instead of playing as the countries.
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Cleveland, OH
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HEY BITCHES. B) Dis is O-FUCKING-HI-O here and I thou't I'd give ya HOES the lowdown on meh! So I already know I'm bitchin' and tha best state ever, that's nottin' different. But what ya fuckers don know is all dat othah fruckin' info 'bout me that'll fruckin' blow ya minds. My name is motherfruckin' Leonard Jones but ya fuckers cahn call me 'Leo', 'God', an all the othah worship names ya cahn think of. Um, my dad's arhe Canadah, France, an Germany, thou I have sum English, Polish, an shiiiiit in meh. I ended up bein' given ta England thru the Sevan Year's War, sold off ta Americah, an I'm doin' my own shiiiiit now. Like bein' a leadah (Top 10, hoes!) in tha economy, industrialization, an eduahcation. I'm also good at even fruckin' fahming! Yeah, I'm just dat awesome, bitchesssss, I cahn do anythangggg. B) U mad? AS FORE MY FRUCKIN' DESIGINAH SHIIIIT. I wear ah white coat wit beige fur on da collah an cuffs, an it's wayyyy bigger than my actual size 'cause it's comfy, hoes B). Den I wear ah orange turtleneck ((Build a turtle-fence, gais)) long-sleeved shirt, black spandex unda dat, an of course I can't farget da UGGS BOOTS!11!ONE! (APPLE BOTTOM JEANS, BOOTS WIT DA FURRRRR.) New Yawk gave dem ta me as ah gift. B) ((Causetheyweretoogayforhimlol.)) An as for my skin...Fruckin' tannnnn mahn, it's what's IN STYLE~ (Desu). I'm fruckin' skinnah, nice frame, an an ass yer'll remember~ I have dirty (LOL I SAID DIRTAH B))) .) blonde hair dat spikes out like WOAH SHIT. An you see dat haircurl? DAT FRUCKIN' HAIRCURL DAT IS IN A BITCHIN' '8'? Yeah, you bitches can't COPY DAT SHIIIIT. An' I also have sum goddamn gorgause honey brown eyes B))))))) I fruckin' SMOKE AN DRINK, BITCHES. SPEAKIN' OF BITCHES, ALL OF DEM LOVE MEH. All of ya don't have tah hold yerselves back B)))). I KNOW I'M FINEEEEEE AS HELL. I'm dah kind of shiiiiit ya only FANTASIZE ABOOT. Nahw onto WHO I ALLOW TAH TALK TAH ME....WHO HAS DA PRIVILEGE TA DO SO...I see New Yawk kinda like ah big bro, even thou' he IGNORES ME. (Fucker. ANSWER MAH CALLS ;A;.) I don reallah have a prob' wit my borderin' siblings...Who? Illinois? Nah. ((He ignores him, literally.)) An' MICHIGAN FRUCKIN' SUUUUUCKS LOL. You bitches wanna see mah toliet? B))))))))))))))) TOLEDO. LOL U MAD? HATERS GONNA HATE. THE GAME. B)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) AIIIIGHT. I'M OUT. PEACE, FUCKAS. CB
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U mad? B)
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